Have a great idea that will make Boulder City a better place to live or visit?  BCCA has created the below process to use our grassroots influence to make these ideas come to life!

1. Research your idea
a. Provide examples of what you want to do- i.e. Musical Road
b. List pro’s and cons of your project
c. Provide cost estimates of your project
2. Lobby your idea to the Council Members/ Planning Commision
a. Discuss your idea via phone, email, or in person with all the Council Members separately
b. Get their feedback and make changes as needed. Make sure they understand what you are proposing, and get their buy-in.
3. Take your idea to the public!
a. Make sure your idea is simple and to the point. Lay out the pro’s and con’s, costs, and various research.
b. Grassroots your effort- talk to friends, neighbors, speak in front of various organizations in town, run an ad in the paper, post flyers supporting your cause, utilize Social Media- make sure everyone knows about your idea and that all questions can be easily answered.
4. Organize a petition to get qualified signatures to show you have public support
a. There are 10,500+ registered voters in BC, if you got 25% of them to support your idea, you have something special!
5. Present your idea officially to City Council
a. Show all your research, public commentary, and petition signatures- bring your idea into reality!