The current City Council has already paid for a “new” Master Plan that takes the City out to the proposed “Four Corners” once I-11 opens. This project will move the current downtown area, out to the Eldorado Valley. City Council has spent $167,000 of taxpayers money on the plan, and it has been presented to the Planning Commission and approved to pass onto City Council. Real Estate Agent Cokie Booth was quoted as saying “this project should be fast-tracked”. Issues we see with this project? The location will do nothing to help current Boulder City businesses. It will become a competition with our current downtown area. The plan encompases hotels, restaurants, an industrial park, and convention facilities.

We met with Mayor Woodbury about updating the Master Plan, and he said it does not need to be done and the cost is too much for our taxpayers. The cost to update the Master Plan would be about $250,000. Just $83,000 more than the Hoover Dam Gateway plan, that could have been rolled into the Master Plan, saving the taxpayers $167,000.

If you want more information and want to share your thoughts with City Council, please reach out and let them know what you want them to do.

View the Hoover Dam Gateway Project HERE page 115.