Hoover Dam Gateway Center
Aug 22, at 7pm at City Hall Council will review and vote on whether to move forward on this project or put it to rest. Please contact ALL City Council members by email, phone or in person and let them know how you feel about the project before this council meeting.

Mayor Rod Woodbury rwoodbury@wmb-law.net
Councilwoman Peggy Leavitt peggyleavitt4bccc@gmail.com 
Councilman Rich Shuman rich@thgnv.com
Councilman Kiernan McManus kmcmanus@bcnv.org
Councilman Warren Harhay wharhay@bcnv.org

The Hoover Dam Gateway Center Master Plan (HDGC), is a Master Plan calling for the development of 500+ acres of city owned land in the El Dorado Valley, with 9 MILLION square feet of new commercial uses that potentially includes a truck stop, fast food restaurants, visitor center, hotel and conference center, outlet centers, light industrial manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers, office buildings up to 150 foot tall, and chain restaurants. This massive commercial/ industrial project is to be located south of the Railroad Pass Casino, on city owned land surrounding of the new I-11/U.S. 95 interchange.

Land Lease will bring tax revenue to BC
Convenience to travelers on I-11
New Welcome Center 
Creates a second business corridor for the city
Design standards focusing on the history of Boulder City

Already cost taxpayers $170,644.19
$123 million infrastructure cost
Would negatively affect current Downtown businesses, restaurants and hotels through cannibalization 
150 Ft buildings would change our City’s skyline and impact views
Could allow access to developers to build out privately owned land in nearby unincorporated Clark County that is located in the El Dorado Valley by providing them access to new infrastructure 
Against the current City Master Plan by developing in areas not contiguous to existing development

While this plan is a well laid out plan for a new business center, Boulder City is not ready for such a development. Our businesses are struggling now, and if we draw the tourist market AWAY from our Downtown and Business District our current businesses will suffer. Our Utility rates are increasing to pay for an already outdated infrastructure. Where will the funds come from to pay for the new infrastructure miles outside of our current footprint? We can have new commercial growth where the infrastructure already exists, that is, in the vacant parcels in our existing Industrial Park accessible from Industrial Road and Veterans Memorial Drive. We would instead encourage our City Leaders and our Chamber of Commerce to focus on building out the areas of land we already have encompassed in our City’s footprint. We need positive growth, not growth that will harm our existing City.

View the Hoover Dam Gateway Project HERE page 115.

For additional information on the project, LOOK here.