BCCA will be working hard to get the Master Plan updated.  We have created several sub-groups to ensure the research is thorough.
1. Legal Terms
a. Does the Master Plan have all the proper legal terms that will ensure the Council and City Hall will enforce the Master Plan?
b.  What terms is it missing?
2. Affordable Housing
a. Does the Master Plan have the appropriate descriptions of Affordable Housing?
b. What options are available?  What can be done within the Master Plan?
3. Codes
a. What codes are we missing?
b. What new codes should we implement?
4. Design Standards
a. What design standards do we have?
b. What new design standards should we have?
c. How can we enforce new standards?
5. Historic Preservation
a. What needs to be added to protect our Historic District?
b. Does the Historic Distric need to be adjusted?
c. What standards should be addressed to ensure future Historic Preservation?
d. How can we enforce new preservation rules/guidelines?
6.  Zoning
a. What zones need to be adjusted for a 20 year plan?
1. Comercial
2. Industrial
3. Residential
b. What should be added to the LMP that encompasses this?

If you would like to help with any of the sub-committees, please send us an email to BCCommunityAlliance@gmail.com and let us know which group you would like to help with.

Please keep in mind, we are fact finding and offering solutions.  We are NOT legal experts, nor are we the consultants that will do the actual changes.  We are proposing why the Master Plan needs to be updated and providing options on how it can be done.  Once we get this in front of City Council, there should be many townhall meetings with comments and concerns ensuring ALL BC Residents are taken into account with the revisions proposed.

The current Master Plan can be found here please read, ask questions and educate your friends and neighbors on this document- our future can change by properly using this document.